The vines of Barbera are grown in a clayey soil interspersed occasionally by strips of sand. The origin of these clear colored clays are probably alluvial as to origin, dating back to a period between 2.5 and 3 million years ago.

This type of soil holds sufficient water supply even in the hottest summers , but it also ensures a slow and steady contribute of nutrients for the plant, that never exceeds in strength.

The considerable age of the plants provides each year an excellent balance of vegetation; consequently, a limited production and high quality.

The average texture of the soil is 30% sand, 45% silt, 25% clay, containing a 10% of limestone.


An outstanding balance vineyard: plants over 60 years old, soil rich in clay and limestone at the top of the hill.


Location: Montà
Average altitude: 350 m
Exposure: South-East
Gradient: 15%
Extension: 2 Ha
Varieties: Barbera
Average age of vines: 30 year
Density: 4600 vines per hectare
Pruning: Vertical trellis system - Guyot