Fosso della Rosa

Fosso della Rosa

Brachetto del Roero is a rare grape variety indigenous to Roero, grown only here. In the past, it was sometimes used as blending grape with Nebbiolo for its aromatic profile. Still today, in many of the old Nebbiolo vineyards of Roero, you can find a few rows of this grape variety. At the beginning of the 1990’s, Domenico Almondo planted a small vineyard of Brachetto and started to produce a varietal wine, highlighting its aromatic profile through a sweet and sparkling rosé wine, with balanced residual sugar.

The fermentation is stuck when the wine reaches 5% vol., to preserve the natural residual sugar provided by the fruit.

The fragrance is elegant, of rose, violet, raspberry, currant and wild strawberries. On the palate, its softness brings delicately out the wild berries.

Sun exposure

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