Roero DOCG

Nebbiolo (Lampia, Michet, Picotendro)

Roero DOCG

(Lampia, Michet, Picotendro)

In Piedmont, Nebbiolo can do magic. Just as classic Barolo and Barbaresco are created by combining different vineyards and ageing in big casks, this is a classic Roero, born from 3 different vineyards, all located at Montà d’Alba, and then aged for 18 months in large casks.

Thanks to this traditional ageing, Roero shows its origin from the Nebbiolo grape variety, very proud of its terroir of Montà d’Alba, made of sand of marine origin, limestone, silt and clay. First, you get a wild berries fragrance, with wild strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants, then the taste picks up the fruity notes in a fresh and full-bodied way, with great softness.

Sun exposure

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