Bricco delle Ciliegie


Until the 1950’s, here grapes and cherries (ciliegie) were grown. So the name stuck, together with a few cherry trees, which bear witness to the history of this hill. It is located in the hamlet of Vittori Alto of Montà, at an elevation of 360 m., with south-south-eastern exposure and a regular wind.

This is a very special terroir, 80% sand, reflecting the ancient sea of Roero.

For us, it is the best place in the world to produce Arneis.




fino a 35%

Vineyard age

35 anni

Average altitude

360 m


6 Ha


4800 ceppi per ettaro


east – south east




Vertical trellis system – Guyot


44°49’45″N – 7°58’05″E


The vineyard exhibits a mosaic of different soils, typical of the geological era of the Villafranchiano.

The soil at the top of the hill is made of sand and gravel originating 2.5 million years ago, when it was positioned on the sea coast. Going downhill, this type of soil mixes with the Asti sands, which about 3.5 million years ago were the bed of a shallow sea rich in shellfish.

In the valley, the soil becomes slightly calcareous (3-4%) and more structured. The regular distribution of sands is often interrupted by clay strips, of a more ancient soil profile, which the erosive action has distributed irregularly.

Another unique feature of the vineyard is the constant presence of a north-western wind during spring and summer. This wind, combined with the low rainfall of the area (550mm of rain yearly), conditions the farming technique and the ripening of the grapes.

The average soil composition is 65% sand, 20% silt, 15% clay. The grapes grown in this vineyard have an exceptional, constant level of sugar, a good acidity (6.7-7 g/l) and a significantly low pH (3.05-3.1), all key conditions to produce a great Arneis.